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Famosa Silver Line Puppenbuggy
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Puppenbuggy / Abmessungen: 47 x 19 x 50 cm

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Stand: Feb 27, 2019
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Soul Integrity , Hörbuch, Digital, 1, 519min
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An ambitious Soul Identity story that will challenge your views on faith, courage, and conviction. 1980: Claudia Famosa is a Cuban revolutionary and exile living in Florida, mourning her lost husband. Xinya Xia lives in Manhattan, and has spent a lifetime perfecting her soul line formulas so she can someday find the twin brother from whom she was separated at birth. Her crooked business partner claims that Claudia can use Xinya´s formulas to reunite with her husband´s incarnation in her own next life, but only if she´s willing to sacrifice everything and die in Benares, India in two short months. Present: Valentina Nikolskaya, the product of this extraordinary love story, has recently given up and divorced her pre-destined husband. Her ex-boyfriend Scott Waverly claims she has been duped, and asks for her help in finding Soul Identity´s missing overseers. Thus begins Val´s attempt to regain her own faith, and to discover the drama behind Claudia´s and Xinya´s actions. Told from the perspective of three women determined to make a difference, Soul Integrity, the third book in the Soul Identity series, is a compulsively listenable and emotionally immersive adventure of faith and courage through time and history. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Ben Tyler. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Stand: Dec 17, 2018
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Guía Completa de Los Simpson: Personajes, Curio...
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Una guía fundamental si eres fan de la familia más famosa de la televisión: La familia Simpson. No te pierdas todo el contenido irrepetible de esta guía que repasa todos los capítulos de la serie, los productos de Krusty, las frases castigo de Bart... y mucho más. Aquí encontrarás: ¡Una guía de todos los episodios de Los Simpson conocidos por la humanidad! ¡Una auténtica introducción de la pluma de su creador, Matt Groening! ¡Una colección deslumbrante de estrellas invitadas! ¡Los humorísticos gags del sofá! ¡Todas las apariciones de Rasca y Pica! ¡Detalles que quizá te hayas perdido! ¡Homeris-mmm-os! ¡Las frases castigo de Bart en la pizarra! ¡Genuinos productos Krusty! ¡Ármate de frases hechas y curiosidades que te convertirán en el centro de las reuniones sociales y fiestas de todo el planeta! ¡Una forma segura de poner un poco de emoción en tu vida! Este libro y tú... ¡Una combinación explosiva! ENGLISH DESCRIPTION It´s hard to believe that the Simpsons have been around for more than a decade. Today, The Simpsons is the longest-running animated series of all time (dethroning The Flintstones in February 1997), and an intrinsic part of pop culture. The Simpsons Complete Guide to your Favourite Family is a celebration of this family´s phenomenal decade. Arranged by season, the book covers each episode of the television show, with the special episodes (the annual Halloween show, ´´Who Shot Mr. Burns?´´ and ´´Krusty Gets Kancelled´´) receiving eyeball-busting two-page spreads. In addition, special sidebars are sprinkled throughout, showing: ? Simpsons firsts ? Bart´s chalkboard lines ? Top Homerisms ? An Itchy & Scratchy filmography ? A Springfield timeline ? Things the audience may have missed Highlighting the best of every show, The Simpsons is the ultimate celebration of the cartoon family that has kept the world in stitches. It is the ultimate must-have for all Simpsons aficionados.

Stand: Mar 17, 2019
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